Other Shona Language Resources
Navigating through these pages should have shown you that this is not a Shona tutorial. The intent was to produce a good reference for the Shona language as spoken in Zimbabwe. Material presented here is not inclusive nor have I attempted to cover Shona grammar.

Listed below are other sites that may provide additionnal information.

Other Shona Resources
VaShona Shona Dictionary This Shona Dictionary is said to have 34,846 unique Shona words. The site has a slick search tool.
FSI Shona Course Provides a free 536 page downloadable PDF book, along with some supporting audio material (mp3). Although somewhat old, developed in the 1960’s, it still is a great Shona language learning tool.
Introductory Shona Language As the title suggests, this is an introduction to the Shona language. Cameron Smith has, on this site, included a number of exercises and sample sentences.
Duramazwi RechiShona Duramazwi RechiShona is a general all Shona dictionary. Shona words have meanings or definitions in Shona.
Verbix Verbix is a free on-line verb conjugator that conjugates verbs in tens of languages including Shona.
Flora of Zimbabwe A list of families of plants which are found in Zimbabwe. Some of these plants have their botanical names mentioned in my Shona pages.
Dandemutande A resource for Zimbabwean music worldwide. Includes many other Zimbabwe related resources.

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Submitting Shona Words
Help increase the Shona word list in the database for these Shona Language pages by submitting additional words I omitted and their meanings. Omissions may include instances where I did not cover all possible meanings of a word. In that case, treat the word as a new word and include all possible meanings for the word in question. Basic guide to submitting omitted words is on the Add Words page.

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